Joanna Dennstaedt

Our Founder

Visionary and leader by nature, Joanna has always thrived in a team environment where she can be part of encouraging, equipping, and shepherding others as they bring their own dreams to life. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she loves to see others reach personal goals, find their identity in Christ and celebrate along side of them in their journey. 

In 2014, as a young mom, when Joanna was diagnosed with Stage 3 Malignant Metastatic Melanoma she became the first recipient of a HOPE package.  She endured two major surgeries and nine months of debilitating and life altering treatment. One impossible day when she was at her darkest and about to embark on a cancer journey neither her nor her family was prepared for a package arrived on her doorstep. A stranger, states away,  prayed over and sent her an encouraging package after she heard Joanna’s story, and it was that day that began the vision of Radiant Hope.

It’s Joanna’s mission that through Radiant Hope she can walk with others and encourage them in their cancer journey.  She knows first hand the struggle that cancer diagnosis and survivorship can be. She believes Radiant Hope is more than a ministry but her calling. No one chooses cancer but they can choose what they do with their cancer, there is always HOPE.

Prior to her cancer story and Radiant Hope Joanna was at home raising her four little ones.  She has also coached collegiate and high school lacrosse and considers that a great love of hers. She deeply loves women and seeing them grow and thrive in their faith. She would also call herself volunteer extraordinaire, always filling holes in her local church and community. Joanna loves spending time with her large family that is spread out all over the United States. In her free time you would find her with her friends, listening to podcasts, exercising, or drinking coffee.

Connect with Joanna

Joanna knows first hand what it looks like to face, endure, and overcome a cancer diagnosis.  She considers it her calling to walk with and encourage and instill a vision of HOPE in the most impossible journey.  She loves to share her personal story, and listen to yours. Contact her today. 

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