Holiday Hope

There is so much more than what comes in a gift 

Our vision with our annual Holiday Hope programs is to instill hope and bring comfort to a family in the midst of a cancer journey. We do this by tangibly providing for them during the holiday season.  Our process is simple.   We find a local family who has a parent in cancer treatment and we work with a representative for the family to fulfill needs that the family may have, while also blessing the family with gifts for each other. We ask the representative for the family to provide us with a detailed “wish list” for each member of the immediate family.


Radiant Hope does the rest.

We shop, gather donated gifts, wrap and deliver
the gifts at a convenient location and time.

Our goal is to be a blessing to the cancer patient and their families. We pray that each recipient will feel a burden lifted by Radiant Hope providing gifts and filling needs and hope that each family will be able to experience the hope and love of the holidays with those closest to them. We know the overwhelming financial burden that comes along side of cancer. 

Join us this year in bringing hope to those whose lives have been impacted by cancer by being a part of our Holiday Hope projects!