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We send care packages

We send care packages to cancer survivors and their caregivers. We know first hand the difficult path of cancer. We trust this package leaves you with a vision of HOPE in your impossible. 


We create community

Community is a gift and we believe it is an important part of our ministry and essential to healing. Through our Radiant Hope facebook community group, emails, events, and sitting with you, we allow individuals who are going through similar side effects of cancer, or caring for someone who is, to connect with one another, ask questions and make lasting connections.




We support and encourage with hope

Our story started when our founder received her own care package. It was then decided that others needed the same uplifting encouragement in their own story with cancer. Each item we send and each project we are a part of is a reminder that reinforce hope in the midst of your impossible. Join our movement. 

Contact Us

Contact Radiant Hope

Get in touch with Radiant Hope to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

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