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What some people have said about Radiant Hope

“Your mission to send a glimmer of hope did just that, along with providing an embrace of compassion!  Cancer is a torturous and long journey for some… every bit of support helps in the journey.  I was totally surprised and impressed to receive something from your organization… while my sister Colleen, a cancer survivor, is a Mechanicsburg resident, I live in a northern Pittsburgh suburb. Within two years, I’ve become a two time cancer survivor.  While recovering this time, I am enjoying all the gifts within my box of hope – and am devouring Lynn Eib’s 50 Days of Hope! 50 Days has been a perfect way to begin and end my day, focusing on powerful, positive, and hopeful thoughts and prayers.  Thank you for this gift!
Continue your mission, ladies!  It is indeed providing powerful rays of hope to those who are weakened and in need of prayers! God bless you!”-Katie
“Thank you so much for the box of treats you sent to me after my father passed away.  It was a tangible encouragement during a very hard time.  You made a difference!  Thank you!” -Heather
“My husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in December of 2015. After a 20 hour whipple surgery in July, he recovered and we thought the disease was under control. Thank you to whoever sent the Radiant Hope care package. I’m so glad there is an Organization like yours that ministers to cancer care givers.” -Suzanne
“My son is 14 years old and was diagnosed last month with lymphoma.  When we came home from the hospital, I had a beautiful care package that was such a bright spot in my day.  I’m not certain who passed my name along, but the real thanks goes to this organization for encouraging those of us fighting this terrible disease.  I especially cherish the book, 50 days of hope.  It will be read and re-read.  Thank you for the wonderful work you do.  God bless each of you.”  – Angela
“I received a beautiful package today. Thank you! I don’t know who sent it, but it helps make my journey toward my cure a little easier! (Stage 3 rectal cancer) I think this is a wonderful thing that you are doing for cancer patients and caregivers. Much gratitude to your staff and to my donor or whoever gave you my name” – Brittany
“My daughter Josie received a box from you today… and what a blessing it was to both Josie and momma!!!  To know that her box had been prayed over especially for her… for the amazing scripture cards that were given to her… and she is pretty crazy excited about the Sweedish Fish Candy” -Jess
“Thank you for all you do! I was the surprised and grateful recipient of one of your gorgeous gift boxes yesterday! How did you know that sunflowers are my absolute favorite? Surely brightened my day!  Such a sweet and thoughtful reminder of the HOPE and LIFE we have in Christ.” -Rachel

  • Jenna


    Friends THIS survivor has been through SO much. She could be the most positive person…
  • Ashlyn


    Ashlyn is one of the strongest and most encouraging kiddos I know. Her journey is…
  • Lea


    This precious new momma is so near and dear to our heart. We sent her…
  • Laura


    I will never forget the day I received my goodie bag from Radiant Hope.  I…
  • Josie


    My daughter Josie received a box from you today... and what a blessing it was…
  • Precious little girl Jeana

    Precious little girl Jeana

    I wanted to say thank you so much for sending my daughter, Jeana Mumma, a…
  • Rachel


    Rachel is a beautiful survivor and young mom in a hard battle. She and her…
  • Baby Jonah

    Baby Jonah

    This sweet boy has been battling a brain tumor since he was 13 weeks old.…
  • Carolyn


    I recently returned from 6 weeks of radiation treatment as well as chemotherapy and was…
  • Sharon


    I had a biopsy today and it was more painful than I thought it would be.…
  • Cheryl


    I came home tonight to a wonderful package of "radiant hope" on my doorstep. It…
  • Carmen


    "Hope wins. Again. And again. And again. Came home today to find a beautiful package…
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