About Us


Background Story:

Radiant Hope was created by three friends as they went through their own journey of fighting cancer together.  One of the founding partners was diagnosed with Stage 3 melanoma at the age of 33. She went through two major surgeries and 8 months of treatment.  These friends saw how God worked in their lives providing encouragement and hope through some really difficult days.  One of these ways was through a random act of kindness from a complete stranger by way of a sunshine basket delivered to the woman with cancer at the perfect time.  These woman were so touched by this, and the countless other ways that they were loved and supported, that they felt led to do the same for others whose lives are affected by cancer. So out of this story comes to life Radiant Hope. Where we strive to reach many fighting through hard, and bring some hope when days seem hopeless. We are committed to helping as many women in their cancer journey as we can. God has a perfect plan and we trust he will be able to use us, partnering with you,  to spread overflowing love to someone who needs it.