20 Days of HOPE

We are entering into the holiday season. Most of us are running around crazy trying to cook, clean, and prepare for family gatherings and parties. Some of us are hurting and hoping to make it through this season. Regardless of your circumstances there is HOPE for you friends. I know what that feels like. I have been there.

This Christmas season starting with GIVING TUESDAY Radiant Hope is going to send out 20 days of encouragement. We are also going to boldly ask some of you to partner with us. It’s our goal to have 60 people donate $30.00 during our 20 Days of Hope. This will provide Radiant Hope with the means to send packages to survivors and caregivers for the next 3 months. If 3 people donate 30.00 a day we will meet our goal!  Would you pray and prepare your heart to see if God is calling you to join in our mission. It can make an eternal impact. Check out our Facebook page and our instagram for daily HOPE and encouragement.

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